September 30, 2015

Life Classes


Life Classes are an informative and topical set of classes led by a variety of our members every Sunday morning between services from 10-11 AM.


These courses are designed to help you learn solid Biblical principles for everyday living. Another great feature of these classes is that they only last a few months each, so you’re always learning something new. So take your pick and enjoy!


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Subjects Teacher Room
Book of Matthew (Ladies only) Debbie Pace 134
Gospel of Matthew Jack Windham 125
God Creates A Nation Ernest Shinn 126
Red Zone (Men Only) Joe Pettigrew 123
Books of James & 1 Peter Steve Green 127
College & Young Adult Group Mark Bridges 136
Women of the Bible Sally Ann Swearingen 130
Sermon Discussion (Ages 25-40) Doug & Katy Crawford FLC Clsrm