A Heart for God

O God, I so often wander. I sway and swoon and find myself far from you. Help me Lord to focus upon you, that I might learn of your ways and become familiar with your face.   How do you grow in your knowledge of God? Any bright faced second grader could read a list Read more about A Heart for God[…]

Intimacy With God

O God, I am not satisfied by the pale portraits of You that others portray. I eagerly desire to see Your glory and to taste of Your goodness. O God please lead me to You.   It is not enough to know about God. We must know God in ever growing levels of intimacy. Only Read more about Intimacy With God[…]

Knowing God

O God, I know in my heart how much I need you. I want to know You truly. Help me to know You in reality. Teach me of Yourself that I may know You indeed.   A fervor to truly know God is the very real impulse behind every person that finds his way into Read more about Knowing God[…]