February 13, 2024

Office Manager Gwen Prettyman

Early in life, I believed the gospel message and trusted that Jesus had died for me, but for all the teaching I received, I didn’t really grow in my relationship with Him. Through my teen years, I struggled with selfishness and sin, not understanding the freedom and power I had been given in Christ.


Soon after high school, I married my sweetheart, John, and we began a family. He was called into full-time ministry, and we began serving the Lord together. Finally, when I was about 30 yrs. old and a mother of five, the Lord broke through my constant efforts and failings with the truth of His Word that I was not only forgiven, but also freed from sin. Since that time, my focus has shifted from my own efforts to His accomplished work! It was freedom to live for Him!


John served as senior pastor for over 20 yrs. until the Lord took him home in December 2022. Throughout the next year, the Lord revealed His constant, unchanging character to me and my children in ways that would take a book to recount.


I enjoy the outdoors whenever I can, love to sit and read a good book and am an amateur artist. You may even drive by me somewhere in town as I also love to run.


Currently, I have two married children, three working toward various degrees and two beautiful granddaughters! I am truly and fully blessed!


Gwen may be reached by calling the church office or by email. office@fccnac.org